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SVB Wood Floors Wins 2016 Wood Floor of the Year Award from NWFA

2016 NWFA Expo on Thursday, April 28, 2016, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by David Stluka)

SVB Wood Floors is proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2016 Wood Floor of the Year by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)! SVB was chosen out of 51 entries made by NWFA members from throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, and Finland.

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Making our customers dreams a reality is something we take pride in, which is why we’re giving you an exclusive look at our award-winning project, along with a big thank you to our loyal customers.


Inside the Award-Winning Project

SVB was awarded Wood Floor of the Year in the Best Manufacturer Factory Finished category. The project entered was a beautiful old-world, traditional estate set on acreage overlooking its own private lake.  

The final plans for the flooring project featured five designs in various areas throughout the estate. Once the plans were finalized, Steve Brattin turned to Distinctive Floor’s, Dan Antes, to create the walnut flooring. This project required intricate hand-beveling with a circle-sawn and wire-brushed surface. Once the flooring was milled, it was shipped to WD Flooring to be finished with hardwax oil. See the finished project below:


Steve Brattin said, crediting his crew, that the actual installation of the 3,000 square feet of flooring was “uneventful.” Given the complexity of this project, it says a lot about our team here at SVB. Whether we are installing the wood floor of the year, or doing a much simpler project, SVB is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and installation for all of our customers.



SVB Wood Floors: Your Trusted Hardwood Professionals

SVB is a one-stop shop for all of your hardwood flooring needs, providing a wide variety of services  from basic refinishing and dustless sanding to expert craftsmanship and customization. It’s our attention to detail, professional quality installation, and dedication to customer satisfaction that makes us your top choice in hardwood flooring services.

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SVB Wood Floors has always aimed to provide the highest quality product in conjunction with the highest quality customer service, and we are proud and humbled to be considered Kansas City’s hardwood floor specialists.

We are truly grateful for the honor of being awarded 2016 Wood Floor of the Year by the NWFA, and for the opportunity to continue serving our loyal customers and all future customers to come.


Whether you’re looking to repair, install, or refinish your hardwood floors, leave it to the experts at SVB Wood Floors. Check out our gallery to see more of our past projects we’re proud of!


4 Benefits of Choosing Pre-Finished Hardwood Floors


When it comes to hardwood floors, it pays to know your options. Many homeowners have been making the switch to pre-finished hardwood floors, but others are asking what’s the big deal? Why are they better than the rest? Lucky for you, SVB Wood Floors has all of the answers to your hardwood flooring questions!

But, before we brag about the many benefits of pre-finished hardwood floors, let’s go back to the basics.

What Are Pre-Finished Wood Floors?

Pre-finished hardwood floors are solid, or engineered, wood floors that are treated and finished prior to installation. That means no sanding, no staining, no mess, and even better, installation typically only takes one day!

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Have we caught your attention yet? Good! Now let’s get down to the benefits.  


low-cost-flooringInitially, pre-finished floors cost more than unfinished wood flooring, but once you factor in finishing costs and the lifetime of the product, pre-finished ends up being less expensive.

Because pre-finished floors are exceptionally durable, they last longer, which also means you save by not having to re-stain or replace your hardwoods. What makes them so durable? Let us explain.



Before makinpre-finished-floors-quality-durability-graphicg their way to your home, pre-finished wood floors undergo a unique finishing treatment using extremely powerful chemical sealers. These chemicals are applied and dried in a controlled setting using commercial processes, which aren’t accessible to on-site installers.

Applying the finish beforehand ensures the utmost quality and durability for your pre-finished floors, which also means they come to your home in pristine condition, ready for installation.

Choosing pre-finished hapre-finished-wood-floors-easy-installationrdwood floors allows you to skip over the finishing process. Not only does this mean you get to skip the sanding, but because they are already finished and cured, you can walk on your brand new floors the same day they are installed.

Choosing pre-finished floors also means you get to avoid chemicals throughout your home, and you don’t have to wait around for days, for your finish to dry. Also, there are plenty of options for stain colors and finishes with pre-finished floors, which allows homeowners to get exactly what they are looking for without the hassle.

Want to know more about SVB’s installation process? Check out our website!


No one wmaintenance-made-easy-pre-finished-wood-floorsants to waste their time constantly cleaning and maintaining floors, and with pre-finished floors you don’t have to!

Because the surface seal is much stronger and more durable on pre-finished hardwood floors, they tend to be more resistant to moisture, stains, and other spills and discolorations. This makes them a great option for heavy traffic areas throughout your home.


As you can see, the benefits are plenty with choosing pre-finished wood floors. Choosing to have pre-finished floors installed allows homeowners to spend less time on installation and maintenance, and more time enjoying them! Now, who wouldn’t want that?  


Thinking about pre-finished floors for your home? Check out our website for more information or give us a call at (816) 965-8655!