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SVB to the Rescue – Your Hardwood Repair Experts

floor-repairWhether it’s water damage from that time your dishwasher overflowed while you were away, or simply a collection of everyday accidents, hardwood floors occasionally need to be repaired.

Many homeowners assume that repairing their hardwood floor – even a small section – means replacing the whole floor. Thankfully, SVB Wood Floors has a better way to repair those problem spots.

Replacement Isn’t Your Only Option

Replacing your hardwood floor may seem like a daunting and expensive task – but it’s important to note that a total replacement isn’t your only option! There are means of repairing parts of a wood floor, but it’s a job best left for the professionals.

How Do You Repair Hardwood Floors?

 – Start with an on-site inspection of your problem area. A professional will be able to tell the extent of the damage, and figure out just how much of the floor will actually need to be replaced.

 – The next step is to get rid of the damaged boards to make way for the new ones. It’s important to have a trained professional taking up your floor boards to prevent further damage to your existing floor.

Reader Question: Can you install new floors in the winter?

 – After the old boards are gone, new boards are ‘laced’ in. This technique gives a seamless finish that will make you forget you ever had a spot there in the first place!

 – Of course, your current floor won’t perfectly match the new boards, and the final step is to fix that. Once the new flooring is in place, it’s time to sand down and refinish the area.

When selecting your repair service, it’s important to take a look at their refinishing process too, since it’s the last step of the repair process. SVB stands apart because of our dustless sanding system, which saves you time, money, and even years off your life.

Whether you’re looking for repairs, a new floor, or to make an old floor look like new, call SVB Wood Floors at (816) 965-8655.

9 Stir-Crazy Solutions to a Long, Indoor Winter

indoor-funFrom the Snowpocalypse to the Polar Vortex, Kansas City has experienced some tough winters. Whether you love or hate the cold weather, it can be tough for anyone to be cooped up inside for months on end – especially the younger members of your household.

We know that bored kids can wreck havoc on your home and your nerves, so SVB Wood Floors has put together a list of our favorite – hardwood floor friendly – ways to spend the coldest days of winter indoors.


One of the great things about puzzles is they come in varying levels of sizes, difficulty, and themes. You can find a puzzle to suit nearly any kid, no matter their age or interests. Plus, you can do the same puzzle over again, which means you don’t need a new set of puzzles every year!

You can sit down for a several hours at a time and knock out the puzzle all at once, or stretch it out over the course of a week, the choice is yours. Not to mention, puzzles won’t scratch up your floors while your kiddos are busy looking for the right piece.

Blanket Fort

If you’ve got extra blankets and sheets around the house, you’ve already got everything you need for this boredom buster. Let your kids explore ways to keep the blankets in place while they create their own mini-forts, or one giant, living room sized one to share. If your family likes to get competitive, start a paper airplane war, seeing who can get the most into the other’s fort.

Balloon Volleyball

Grab a balloon and move the furniture against the walls (but be careful and move your furniture safely). Then, give everyone the challenge to keep the balloon off the floor for as long as they can! Balloon sports are a great way to burn off energy indoors, without destroying the house. If you decide to switch it up and play a rougher balloon sport (think, soccer or baseball) you’ll want to remove some of the smaller or lighter breakables from the area.

Coloring Books

Great for keeping kiddos entertained and encouraging creativity, coloring makes for a great indoor activity. If you don’t have any coloring books on hand, ask your children to draw a particular item or scene.

This is another activity that works well for younger and older kids alike, because you can give them specific ideas to practice their drawing skills, or provide an open ended prompt that requires more imagination. Just make sure they’ve got the space to color, without decorating your floors.

Movie Night

Pick a movie with a theme you can incorporate throughout the day, decorate for, or even make a dinner to match! If you’re getting the family excited all day for the big event, not only will you have an easier time coming up with ideas to keep them entertained, but the kids will also be more enthusiastic about watching the movie. (Which means you can catch your breath!)


Another great options for houses with varying ages, charades is totally customizable. For young kids, focus on what they know – such as animals or occupations. Since your older participants still know these terms, it’s a fun way to get back to the basics. If the whole group is older, pick books or movies they enjoy to make it a little more challenging.

Board Games

These “family night” staples are a fantastic way to entertain, as long as you’ve got a group. Get out several games and let your kids decide which one to play (or, which one to play first). Because board games require a little more concentration and focus, you’ll be better off starting after younger kids have had a chance to burn off energy.

Living Room Picnic

Move the couch to the side (you’ve got felt pads on the feet, right?) and lay down a big blanket for this next activity. Just because you can’t enjoy a sunny day at the park doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic!

Shake up the day-to-day of being stuck indoors by serving lunch on the ground, with some summertime favorites like hot dogs and popsicles. Just make sure your messy eaters have access to napkins and take a moment to sweep up any messes once they’ve moved on to the next activity of the day.

Hide & Seek

Finally, this classic game is actually better indoors than out – you’ve got so many more places to hide! Help younger kids come up with sneaky spots, or put a time limit on the search to make the game more challenging for your older kiddos.


Even with all these options for hardwood-friendly fun, sometimes accidents happen. If you’re in need of a deep cleaning, or a full refinishing of your floors, give SVB Wood Floors a call at (816) 965-8655.

The 4 Seasons of Wood Floor Care

wood-floor-seasonsLooking after your wood floors is a pretty simple task. Sometimes, they can be so low maintenance that you forget you have to do anything at all! Not to worry, SVB Wood Flooring has compiled a quick calendar to keep you on track for every part of the year. To keep your floors safe and in top condition, read on:

Wood Floor Care for Every Season


April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring you wet shoes. Devise a plan to keep wet shoes off your wood floors.

We recommend deep cleaning your floors four times a year – roughly once a season – to keep your floors protected and looking their best. We strongly advise using a professional who will care for your floors with the correct methods and chemicals, like our SVB Deep Clean service.


Check the humidity of your home. Wood floors can swell and become damaged if they’re consistently exposed to high humidity. If you live in an area of high humidity, like Kansas City, or you notice your floorboards swelling, consider adding a dehumidifier to your home.

Clear some space for those rainy day, indoor activities, but move furniture the right way!

Deep Clean


Step outside and clear fallen leaves away from your front door and off walkways, so they don’t get dragged inside!

Purchase an extra rug or two; the holidays are getting started and your floors are about to see a lot more traffic. Rugs at doorways will catch damaging grit. Putting a rug down over high traffic areas, can protect from party fouls like falling food and harsh high heels.

Deep Clean


Check the humidity levels again. Too little humidity in your home can also damage your hardwood floors.

Plan your moisture mitigation for the snow-covered guests that will be arriving for the holidays.

Replace worn or missing floor protector pads on the bottom of anything with legs – chairs, tables, etc. and add them to anything new.

Deep Clean

Day-to-Day Chores

While the big ticket items are mostly covered above, taking small actions every day, or every week can protect your floor for years to come. Check out our guide to correctly cleaning your floor, and read on to find out what your floor needs from you year round.

Spot clean problem areas (clean up sticky spills, water, or small bits and pieces that may be tracked around).

Sweep once a week. Be wary of using a vacuum, unless you know it’s designed to be used on your wood floors (some vacuums with beater bars can damage hardwood floors).

Shake out door mats once a week, to prevent build up of dirt and dust that will eventually be tracked around.


For a larger scale hardwood floor project than what’s on our list, or to schedule your deep cleaning, call SVB Wood Flooring at (816) 965-8655. We offer dustless sanding, installation, repair, and even more.