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Rain, Rain, Go Away: 3 Decorative Ideas for Keeping Wet Shoes off Your Hardwood Floors

Let’s face it, spring in Kansas City means rain. But rain and your hardwood floors don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So how can you keep wet shoes off your wood floors in a creative way? The SVB Wood Floors team turned to Pinterest for some decorative inspiration.

The Decorative Tray Shoe Rack

hardwood-floor-damage-preventionA soggy beach towel isn’t necessarily the best place to collect shoes on a rainy day. Not only can it ruin your floors if it is there for too long, but it is also not always the most visually appealing. An easy, yet aesthetic, way to hold shoes is with a decorative tray. Try Target or Home Goods to find one that matches your home’s decor. Some homeowners add stones to the tray to raise the shoes up out of the water in the bottom.

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The End Table Shoe Rack

shoe-storage-idea-2Next up, we found a shoe rack that can also serve as an end table. This is a bit more functional for some homeowners. This exact end table shoe rack can be found on Etsy, or could easily be made DIY using reclaimed wood of your own. Because it is a wood table, you will want to make sure that you are using these helpful tips to reduce the amount of scratches that it could leave on your hardwood floors — 7 Tips for Moving Heavy Objects without Scratching Your Wood Floors.





The Wall Shoe Rack


This last Pinterest-inspired idea comes from an account called Remodelaholic. By visiting their board you can find a guide for building your own wall-mount storage bin. Other suggestions are to look at places such as Hobby Lobby to find something similar. This is very handy for a home full of young children.






Need some more inspiration? Follow SVB Wood Floors on Pinterest or give us a call at 913-396-6863 or 816-944-3150 and get inspired by speaking with one of our wood flooring experts.

Why Summer Is a Great Time to Install Hardwood Floors

Family on Beach Picture
This family is getting a hardwood floor Installed while they’re on vacation.

At SVB Wood Floors, we think any time is a great time to install hardwood floors. There is no “wrong” time to have a hardwood floor installed. But there are a few things about summertime that make it even more ideal and convenient for homeowners.

Make Your Vacation Time Work Double Duty as Wood Floor Installation Time

Having a hardwood floor installed can be a little disruptive to your everyday life. You have to avoid the room or rooms that are being worked in. There is a bit of noise that comes with the process as well. And even though we use stains and sealants with low VOCs, you will have a certain amount of smell that is unavoidable. The great thing about summertime is that most people plan a vacation at some point where they will be out of their home for a week or so. This is the ideal time to schedule a wood floor installation. SVB’s crews can finish the entire job from installation to staining to sealing and you return to beautiful new hardwood floors!

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Does Humidity Matter in the Summer?

Wood is a hygroscopic material. It absorbs and releases moisture repeatedly depending on its environment. Some people think that it’s better to install a wood floor in the hot, humid summer when the wood planks are at their largest and have gaps in the winter than to install it tight during the winter when it’s at its smallest and have it swell or buckle when summer and humidity come back. Truthfully, it doesn’t make a big difference because most homes are heated and cooled in the respective months and many have humidifiers to help keep moisture levels up during the drier winter months. The important thing is to bring the wood inside the home and allow it to acclimate to those conditions. This average amount of moisture is best because you may get minor swelling in the summer and minor gapping in the winter, but neither will be too noticeable.

Reduce Gaps with Narrower Planks

One other precaution you can take if you really don’t like the natural gaps that hardwood floors get in the winter is to use narrower planks. All boards will contract and expand at the same rate, but they expand and contract more from side to side than end to end. Therefore, a 5” wide board will appear to contract and expand more than twice as much as a 2 ¼” board. Go narrower to reduce the size and appearance of the gaps between planks.

Schedule Your Vaca-stallation Today

So there you have it. You can install a hardwood floor year round, but if you’re already planning on being out of your home for several days in a row, save yourself the hassle and coordinate your vacation with your wood floor installation. Could we call it a “vaca-stallation”? Whatever you call it, it makes a lot of sense. Call today to speak to one of the SVB hardwood floor installation experts to coordinate your vacation and your installation. Call 816-965-8655.

Don’t Let April Showers Ruin Your Hardwood Floors

Girl Playing in Rain PictureSpring means rain and there’s no way around it. If you’ve got hardwood floors, you may worry about water damage. The hardwood floor experts at SVB Wood Floors have put together a quick list of simple spring tips to keep your floors looking great.

Have Kids and Visitors Remove Shoes

Your kids are a no-brainer. Simply train them to remove their shoes upon entering your home. Most guests don’t mind removing their shoes in inclement weather to avoid tracking up your home. If they see a mat with shoes on it already, they may automatically remove them without you even asking.

Place Rugs by the Door

Simply placing a rug by the entry door will help to absorb most of the water tracked in. Make sure the water doesn’t soak through to the floor below. If you have a super heavy traffic day, you may have to replace it once if it gets really saturated.

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Keep a Towel by the Door

This is especially handy if you have pets as their paws get wet and muddy. Just corral them as they enter and they’ll get used to the idea pretty quickly.

Have a Waterproof Place for Shoes

It won’t do you any good to have people remove their shoes if they lie in a pile of water next to the door. Have another rug or plastic boot container for them to be deposited on or in.

Have Family Members Use Another Entry without Hardwood Floors

Tell the family to use the garage door or another entrance if you have one without wood floors. Then you only have to worry about the occasional guest.

Adjust Your Humidifier on Rainy Days

If you have a whole-house humidifier, turn it up a notch to help remove some of the extra humidity that enters your home on rainy days. Once we’re out of the rainy season, you can readjust it to normal levels.

A little bit of weather shouldn’t be a problem for your wood floors. Just a bit more effort on your part will keep them looking great for years to come. If you have any questions about hardwood floors, visit our hardwood floor blog or give us a call at 913-747-4250 or 816-559-8440.

4 Prep Tips Before Having Hardwood Floors Installed or Refinished

hardwood flooring installation and refinishing tips for your kansas city homeHaving new hardwood floors installed is an extremely exciting time for homeowners. They add so much beauty to the home, and not to mention value too. But before you have your floors installed there is a bit of prep work that homeowners can do to ensure that their experience is flawless.

Move Furniture Off Flooring

First things first, move flooring off of the area where the floors will be installed. Why? When the installers arrive to begin working on your beautiful hardwood floors, they will be able to get going right away. This will help the project finish in a timely manner.

Schedule Activities Out of the Home

With today’s dustless refinishing, there is no need for homeowners to get out of the home or “move out” for the week. However, if our team is working in a common area of your home it may be more convenient for you to schedule activities out of the home. This will help us stay out of your way!

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Retrieve Any Belongings from Rooms Before Hand

Before we get started on installing your home’s hardwood floors, be sure to retrieve any belongings that you may need in the next 24 hours. An example of this would be if you are installing hard wood flooring in your home’s hallway and you use items daily from the bathroom that is off of the hallway.

Crate or Board Your Pet

Does your pet tend to roam the house from room to room? We recommend crating or boarding your pet to keep them out of the house. Oftentimes homeowners will even gate off a section of the home for Fido to continue to roam.

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The team at SVB Wood Floors consistently delivers wonderful wood floor experiences for homeowners. These are just a few tips to help add to the experience. Looking for next steps to installing a hardwood floor? Give us a call at, 913-213-5187 or 816-965-8655.