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Finally, a Simple Solution for that Post-Holiday Hardwood Floor Haze

Hardwood Floor Cleaning PhotoLet’s face it, winter is hard on your hardwood floors. Between the snow and ice bringing in moisture, the ice melt and salt that gets tracked in with the snow and ice and the extra amount of feet from holiday guests, it’s no wonder your floors don’t look their best. Too bad you can’t have your hardwood floors cleaned like you have your carpet cleaned. But wait, now you can!


Restore Your Floor’s Original Beauty without Refinishing

Many hardwood floor owners don’t realize there is a floor cleaning service just for hardwood floors. Now you don’t have to wait until your floor looks bad enough to be refinished to make it look great again. Our hardwood floor cleaning system is specially designed to remove tough dirt and grime without harming the finish on your floor. Best of all, it’s easy and convenient.  And, much like carpet cleaning, it’s safe to clean your floors up to four times a year if you’d like.


Benefits of Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

You’re going to love our hardwood floor deep cleaning for many reasons. First, you don’t have to vacate your home. You don’t even have to worry about lingering smells. Our GREENGUARD solution contains very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) so it there are no strong fumes left behind. We come in, clean, and all that’s left behind is beautiful hardwood floors.

  •   Safe for all hardwood floors – deep cleans without removing topcoat or sealant
  •   Convenient – no need to vacate
  •   Cleans and Protects – your floors will look beautiful longer
  •   No Residue – leaves your floors gleaming
  •   No Toxic Fumes – our GREENGUARD leaves your home smelling like your home, not chemicals


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Your Hardwood Floors Can Look Great Year Round

SVB’s hardwood floor cleaning is safe and affordable enough to do anytime your floors need a little boost. Whether your floors have lost their shine due to holiday housefuls, the pitter patter of too many pet paws, or general family foot traffic, you don’t have to live with dull or dirty hardwood floors. Just call the hardwood floor experts at SVB Wood Floors and schedule a hardwood floor cleaning.  Call SVB Wood Floors for a hardwood floor deep clean. Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655.


Will Ice Melt or Salt Hurt My Wood Floors?

Ice Melt on Walkway PhotoIt’s wintertime in Kansas City and that means trouble for your hardwood floors. First, moisture is tracked in during wet, snowy, or icy weather. We know moisture is never a good thing for hardwood floors, but when it’s mixed with salt or ice melt products, it’s even worse. What should you do to clean and protect your hardwood floors in the winter? Here are some helpful tips from the hardwood floor professionals at SVB Wood Floors.

Reduce Damage with Quick Cleanups

Removing the moisture and chemicals quickly is your first line of defense. The faster you remove it, the less time it has to soak into the wood. If the residue is already dry, sweep or vacuum the area to remove any granules that can scratch the surface further. It’s a good idea to keep some soft, absorbent towels or rags near your doors so it’s easy and convenient to mop up the messes as they occur.

What Chemicals Are in Ice Melt Products?

Nearly all ice melt products are made from one, or a blend of, five materials – calcium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and urea. The makeup of most ice melt products is based around calcium chloride (salt), because of its effective melting properties and its low price. The problem with salt is that it has a high pH level, just like floor strippers. This breaks down the finish on your floor making the wood below vulnerable.

Removing Salt or Ice Melt Stains from Wood Floors

Because the chemicals break down the finish protecting your wood floor, the salt or ice melt will oftentimes leave a white film or residue behind after it dries. The alkaline salt residue needs to be neutralized. The best way to do this is with an acidic chemical. To remove the film, first try just a plain soft cloth dampened with water. If the residue remains when the floor is dry, you may want to use a professional floor cleaning product or you can try adding one cup of white vinegar diluted in a gallon of warm water. Use a lightly damp cloth and buff the area in a circular motion and buff dry immediately. Always test this method in a small spot first.

Prevention Is Your Best Defense against Hardwood Floor Damage

Your best defense is prevention. Instead of using ice melt products, try using kitty litter. It won’t necessarily melt the ice, but it will give the shoes of visitors a safe surface to grip. It has a softer texture than salt or ice melt products and won’t scratch your floors as easily. Also, use lots of mats – a couple outside and even a couple more inside. The more times your shoes come into contact with a mat, less chemical residue is tracked into your home. If your floors really take a beating this winter and need a deep cleaning, call SVB Wood Floors for a hardwood floor deep clean. Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655.

How SVB Wood Floors Stays at the Top of the Kansas City Flooring Industry

At SVB Wood Floors we have fun at work, but we take wood floor refinishing, repairing and installing very seriously. We work hard every day to deliver superior quality hardwood flooring to homeowners in the Kansas City area. To stay at the top of our field, we invest in training for our technicians. These trainings keep them up to date on industry trends, tools, techniques and products. Recently, the SVB Wood Floor team took part in two different trainings.

The BONA Certified Craftsmen Sanding and Finishing School

BBONA Training Group PhotoWe teamed up with BONA, makers of hardwood floor products, to attend their Certified Craftsmen Sanding and Finishing School.  The rigorous two-day training schedule included:

  • Bona History, Philosophy, & Systems
  • Bona Product Overviews
  • Bona Abrasives and Sanding Guidelines
  • Hands on Sanding Operations
  • Hands-On: Prep Panels and Apply Coat of Waterborne Finish
  • Product Overview Demo: Professional Floor Care
  • Certified Test
  • Test Review & Certificates


When you work with the manufacturers of the products, you know exactly how to best use the products to get unparalleled results. You can’t get certified quality like this anywhere else in the Kansas City area than with SVB Wood Floors

We Hosted the NWFA Certified Professionals Training and Testing School

NWFA Training PhotoSVB Wood Floors also hosted the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) Certified Professionals Training and Testing School for Missouri on site Nov. 18th –20th. We’re proud to say we got high praise not only for our students, but for how smoothly the event went. NWFA VP of education and certification, Brett Miller, said, “Every one of the SVB employees who attended and participated in the training and certification testing exceeded the expectations set forth by NWFACP within this program.” We’re very proud of our team and all of their hard work and dedication. Miller went on to say, “SVB did an amazing job having panels ready, material on-site, tools available, sufficient power, safety protocol, meals, plenty of space and, above all, a spotless facility to host such an event.” Twenty-four of our employees participated and 17 took either an NWFACP Installation or Sand & Finish test. Some took both tests.

Congratulations to the following participants and thanks for all of your hard work: Xavier Amador, Jacob Barnes, Joseph Beller, Curtis Bennett, Elijah Berthold, Nathaniel Bogard, Andrew Boone, Steven Brattin, Al Colding, Marcus Cooney, James Cordy, Gabriel Falcon, Kevin Flowers, Phil Matthews, Eric Nolan, Vern Peterson II, Carlos Ramirez, Brandon Reynolds, Tyler Rider, Eric Stomboly, Jeremy Sullivan, Matt Taylor, Shane White and Andrew Williams.

Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 when you want the best hard wood floor technicians in Kansas City to install your wood floors.