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SVB Wood Floors Project Spotlight

Kansas City Commercial Hardwood ProjectsSVB Wood Floors is not only known for our beautiful residential work, but also for our amazing commercial portfolio. Take a look at two of SVB’s most recent commercial projects that were completed on tight deadlines. The finished product will wow you.

801 Fish

This upscale fresh seafood restaurant in Leawood, Kansas was in need of new flooring after they experienced water damage this year. We had a tight deadline of less than one week to completely remove and replace the hardwood flooring in this 4500 square feet space. After removing the damaged flooring, we installed five inch engineered oak flooring that had a herringbone design with custom borders. We also used our special UV curing process that allows floors to dry almost instantly, which means less downtime required.


Another project you might have seen is the hardwood flooring in the men’s clothing store, Pinstripes, on the Country Club Plaza. We had an even shorter deadline of 48 hours for this project. SVB Wood Floors refinished the hardwood on the sales floor with our UV curing process as well. Since the UV light instantly cures the finish, the store was able to get back to business as normal in no time!

Read more about RADCOAT UV Curing and why it’s becoming so popular in Kansas City homes and businesses on our SVB Blog.

Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 today for commercial hardwood flooring services, such as our speedy UV curing process. We will have your floors looking amazing and your company back to business in a flash.

Why RADCOAT UV Coating Makes Sense for Homes & Businesses

Hardwood floor topcoatWant glimmering hardwood floors that stand up to the elements? It IS possible. RADCOAT On-Site UV Coating will change the way you treat your hardwood floors. This revolutionary new coating product has a long list of benefits and it’s perfect for homes and businesses. Here’s why you should call SVB Wood Floors to coat your floors with UV coating today.

More Durable Hardwood Floors

RADCOAT On-Site UV Coating has changed the flooring game. This instant-curing coating hardens faster and more completely than other topcoats. The finished product is an ultra-durable floor that can withstand scratches and marks from large pets and heavy furniture. It’s definitely an upgrade from the standard hardwood floor refinishing coats for home and business owners.

No Downtime

Another amazing benefit of this floor coating is its instant curing process. It’s quick drying and curing time means you can get back to your normal life and business sooner. Once your finish is dried, which usually takes 2-4 hours; you can begin the curing process. How long that takes depends on the area of your floor, but it cures instantly under the UV light rays. It really does cure at the speed of light. You should be back in your home and using your floors in just a few hours!

Long-Lasting Benefits

And the benefits don’t stop! The durability of your floor will last much longer than standard hardwood floor topcoats, and you’ll never have to deal with yellowing. This means you’ll buy more time between refinishes. Another advantage to using RADCOAT is that you can feel better about using this product in your home. It’s environmentally friendly, and low odor. We are all exposed to enough harmful chemicals during our everyday lives outside our homes. We don’t want to expose you to any more.


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