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What to Expect When You Have Your Floors Refinished

Wood floor installation photoBring your Kansas City area home’s hardwood floors back to life with SVB Wood Floor’s refinishing services. Our unique staining and refinishing process can bring dazzling beauty and character back into your floors. And we use only the latest tools, technology, and products to do so. Here is our hardwood floor refinishing process laid out in three easy steps. And we promise, it really is that simple.

Step 1: Free Consultation

To start off, we always sit down for a free consultation with you. Here the SVB team reviews our hardwood floor checklist with you. Before we start the physical process of refinishing, you need to decide on a stain color that you like and that will mesh with the style of your home. We also need to determine the species of wood your floors consist of so we can care for them correctly during the refinishing process.

Step 2: Dustless Sanding

From there, we schedule for the dustless sanding process. For this state-of-the-art process we use our exclusive Bona atomic Dust Containment System, or DCS. This process sucks up all dust and leaves your home perfectly clean when we are finished. This process is also great because it requires no chemicals to strip the old finish. This means it’s environmentally friendly, as well as convenient for your family since you won’t have to seal off the room or leave the home.

Step 3: Staining Your Hardwood Floors

Next, we stain your newly sanded floor. We start with a water-based stain of your choosing. When the stain is dry, we finish the floor with several applications of an environmentally safe, durable, and quick-drying topcoat. After that, your floor is once again usable in just 2-3 hours.

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SVB Wood Floors Furthers Education with BONA Training

Dustless Sanding, SVB Wood Floors, Kansas CitySVB Wood Floors works hard every day to deliver superior quality hardwood flooring to homes in the Kansas City area. Not only does that require dedicated hardwood technicians, but it also takes technicians who are willing to further their education in the process of installing, repairing, and refinishing hardwood floors. SVB Wood Floors has teamed up with BONA to do just that. Our team recently received training and private certification to better serve you. Here’s what that means:

Training: Certified Craftsmen Sanding & Finishing School

The SVB Wood Floors team participates in continued training to stay up to date as industry trends change. Our goal is to continue to improve our standards so you can expect more from us. BONA certified floors means you can expect the most beautiful and durable results possible. The rigorous training schedule includes:

  • Bona History, Philosophy, & Systems
  • Bona Product Overviews
  • Bona Abrasives and Sanding Guidelines
  • Hands on Sanding Operations
  • Hands-On: Prep Panels and Apply Coat of Waterborne Finish
  • Product Overview Demo: Professional Floor Care
  • Certified Test
  • Test Review & Certificates


At the end of this two day long certification process, our SVB Wood Floor technicians are prepared to start crafting beautiful floors in your home. You can’t get certified quality like this anywhere else in the Kansas City area.

Who is BONA?

Since 1919, Bona has served as a source for hardwood flooring companies and their customers when it comes to the life of their hardwood floors. They are committed to offering lasting, sustainable hardwood flooring adhesives, abrasives, sanding equipment, stains, sealers, finishes, and cleaners. In fact, at SVB Wood Floors, we only recommend Bona cleaning products to our customers. So why did SVB Wood Floors have our team trained by Bona? Because Bona has set environmentally friendly and high quality standards for the hardwood flooring industry for nearly a century.

Call us at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 to hire an SVB Wood Floors Bona certified technician today.

Hardwood Flooring: Is It Worth the Investment?

Resell value is added to your home when you invest in hardwood flooring.When considering flooring options for your home the biggest dilemma is usually hardwood or carpeting? While they are the most popular flooring options in many American homes, one is starting to outshine the other (in more ways than one). Carpet is becoming scarcer, while hardwood is taking precedence. 54% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors. There are several reasons behind this trend.

So in short, yes, hardwood floors are worth the investment. Here’s why:

Hardwood Flooring Has a Better Return On Investment

If you know you are going to eventually re-sell your home, hardwood flooring is a great investment to make. Nearly a third of all homebuyers under the age of 55 consider hardwood flooring “very important”. How much money you can get back from your investment depends on your particular home and region, but you can usually expect to get a couple thousand dollars back if you invest wisely.

Hardwood Flooring Is Easy to Style

When you try to sell your home, your style may not exactly match the style of prospective buyers. Carpet style varies, and can greatly affect the way someone perceives your home. Carpeted rooms can make some rooms in your home seem smaller, too. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is easy to style with almost any decorating taste, and can really open up a room. It gives an air of sophistication and cleanliness.

Hardwood Flooring Doesn’t Need to Be Replaced as Often

Hardwood flooring is a great investment because over time it costs very little for upkeep. Carpet may be cheaper up front, but it needs to be replaced much more often than hardwood floors do. Stains and smells accumulate over time no matter how nice your carpet is, and it will need deep cleanings and eventually will need to be completely replaced.

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3 Hardwood Floor Design Inspirations for Your Kansas City Home

Kansas City Custom Hardwood Floor DesignIf you’re in the market to remodel your home and need inspiration, you’re in the right place. SVB Wood Floors specializes in unique and custom hardwood floors in the Kansas City area. Here are three of our most inspiring designs that can help you envision your dream hardwood floors.

Wood Inlays & Medallions

While a basic hardwood floor can be beautiful on its own, adding an inlay or medallion can make it the focus of a room. While it may sound expensive, it’s actually much more affordable than you’d expect. Pre-made inlays or medallions are a great addition to an entryway, foyer, or even on a landing in your hardwood floor staircase. If you want something a little more unique SVB Wood Floors can create a custom design for you. We can pretty much make anything your mind can imagine. SVB Wood Floors has perfected the art of custom inlays and was the first hardwood floor company in the state of Kansas to win a national award for wood floor design and installation.

View wood inlays and medallions in our SVB Wood Floors Photo Gallery.

Custom Wood Borders

Another great way to take your hardwood floors from basic to spectacular is by adding a custom wood border to any room in your home. Use a border to create a wood “rug” in your dining or living room. If you’re not sure what type of border or design you want yet, don’t fret. Our hardwood floor experts will walk you through your options during your free design consultation with SVB Wood Floors. Plus, you’ll get a free written estimate of what it will cost.

Handcrafted Hardwood Designs

If you want something more unique for your hardwood floors, you could incorporate a unique pattern across an entire room. This technique draws attention to your beautiful hardwood floors, and makes them the focus of the room.

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