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Give Your Hardwood Floor a Facelift

Dustless Sanding, SVB Wood Floors, Kansas CityIf the hardwood floors in your home have been a bit lackluster lately it may be time to give them a facelift. That’s the great thing about hardwood floors, they don’t need to be replaced in order to get that shiny new finish. All you need to do, is restore by refinishing or staining.

Refinish the Hardwood Floors in Your Kansas City Home

If your floors seem dull or scratched, you should consider refinishing them to restore their former glory. Try SVB Wood Floors’ Dustless Sanding, which is a new state-of-the-art method. Our system vacuum sucks dust away into an airtight hose that carries it out into our containment system outside your home. Dust never even has a chance to settle, or work its way into your ductwork. This system is quick, efficient, and does a great job of restoring the wood floors in your home.

Renew Damaged Hardwood Floors With a New Finish

After you refinish the wood, make sure you pick the right stain that will make your floors come to life. The SVB Wood Floors team prefers to use a water-based stain, followed by several applications of an environmentally safe and durable topcoat. Then we screen, buff and vacuum until your floor is gleaming like new.

Keep Floors Looking Like New After the Facelift

To keep your floors looking like new long after you refinish and restore them, follow our floor care guidelines. Remember to never use harsh chemical-based cleaners on your floors. They can strip the finish, making your floors look dull. Make sure you are using cleaners specifically made for urethane treated floors. Also, be sure to keep the relative humidity in your home between 35% and 55%. Humidity levels that are too low or too high humidity inside your home can cause hardwood floors to swell, shrink, crack and form gaps between boards.

For the best quality refinishing and restoration, call SVB Wood Floors today at 913-213-5187 or 816-965-8655.

3 Stunning Examples of Hardwood Floor Staircases

If your staircase is in the entrance of your home, make a great first impression with a beautiful hardwood staircase. Hardwood stairs add elegance and class to your entryway and are a great way to impress guests. Not to mention, hardwood staircases are easy to clean, and require less upkeep than carpet-only stairs, which can get matted down with time, and show wear much more quickly. To show you how a great staircase can transform your Kansas City home, we’re showcasing three of our favorite examples of SVB Wood Floors hardwood staircases and explaining why we love them.

Modern Spin on Classic Stairs

Hardwood staircases Kansas CityThe clean lines and contrasting wood colors make this hardwood staircase really pop in the entrance of this home. We love the simple geometric shapes of the steps and railing. This look is easy to achieve even if your staircase is in need of a little TLC. SVB Wood Floors not only specializes in hardwood staircase installation, but also restoration and refinishing. See all of the hardwood staircase styles SVB can create for you in our hardwood staircases gallery on our website.

Classic Curve With a Runner

Curve Hardwood Staircase SVB

This staircase is dramatic and elegant, and makes quite the impression when guests walk through the front door. The curved lines are harder to work with, but SVB’s talented team can do beautiful work even in confined spaces. We love how the homeowners dressed up this hardwood staircase with a carpet runner. It adds more dimension, while still allowing the beautiful hardwood to shine through.

Decorative Landing

Landing Design KC Hardwood Staircase

To an extent, staircases are fairly basic because there’s not much you can do with one tread or riser. But landings are another story. We can get creative and design custom landings that will really stand out. Many homeowners go for medallions, but we love this hardwood staircase because of its unique custom design and rich color. And while landings are big enough for us to do custom work, they aren’t so big that they will cost you a fortune. It is a great way to add a lot of style to your home on a budget.

If you’re looking for quality wood staircase installation, refinishing or restoration, call us today at (913) 213-5187 or (816) 965-8655 for a FREE estimate and design consultation.